What? The first beneficiary group of Onemsiyoruz is the children at age 0-6 living in prison with their incarcerated mothers. The project of Onemsiyoruz “An Armful of Toys” aims to develop toys and provide service to meet the special needs of those children.

The ball contributes to the attention development of the child with its eye-catching colors and it calls attention with the help of a little bell hidden inside it. The ball also helps the child to learn main and intermediate colors, numbers and the basic information about the nature andanimals.

The ball encourages the physical development of the child. Its handles facilitate to hold the ball for the child to play easier with the mother.

Game Carpet, like the balls, has attention calling colors and design. The child can have a playground of his/her own with the carpet. Oneside of the carpet consists of the emotion game with the cards and the puppets whereas other side has colors, numbers and different shapes.

The designed package has 2 soft balls, game carpet with puppets and information cards. With its multi-functional design, it serves for the different needs of children from different developmental stages.

  • An Armful of Toys consists of a play kit and educational content that meet the daily play needs and support the parallel development of 0-6 year old children with their peers. Activity balls, which have attractive colors and sounds, help children

  • We launched as a volunteer team to cross design products and services to make a social impact. We accelerated communication in September 2016, and An Armful of Toys project continues to grow with supporters, improvements in the design of products

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