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  • 2017 was a year of transferring our knowledge from the previous year into products and field studies, as well as increasing visibility within social enterprises. We have been working for children to advocate for their fundamental rights with your support.

  • May 11th is a globally important day for Novartis, a day to do some work for the benefit of society. In this year’s activities, they saw us as a partner in their projects specifically focusing on mother and child. Their

  • Our team studies intensifying in the last month of 2015, are carried on under the titles volunteerism and resource creation, team communication and training. As we design for the social benefit, we are accompanied by the experts who know the

  • As we develop the methodologies for making it easier for the children with special circumstances to discover themselves as individuals and to establish bonds with their surroundings, we also look for an answer to the question of how the business

.org Access to the basic rights of children


Onemsiyoruz, it is a social initiative that works to raise awareness in the society about children's rights and to access children's fundamental rights. It develops products and services to strengthen the perception of children as individuals and the bond that they establish with the environment. Almost 30 volunteers carry out studies for over 2 years. We do not care, they run a lap toy project for children groups with special status to have access to the right to play.

While developing the solution we need, we are progressing in cooperation with the expert in the field.

When designing our products, we combine the expertise of more than 20 professionals on a child-friendly basis.

We develop the products and services we design in an interdisciplinary understanding.

It is important for us to move the effect of the product and service we have on the beneficiary group to a higher level.

.org Onemsiyoruz


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